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August 31, 2003


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it makes us feel insignificant.
we don't like that one little bit. ;)

Hi Chris:

Isn't it interesting how we, as humans, project god? I have been told that God is a verb, not a noun. The power of the universe is awesome to behold. We can't control everything even though we would like to. It's the ego that doesn't like to fear god. The ego would like to be in control, but people in AA have learned that they have to surrender if they are to achieve sobriety and serenity.

Is god love? If so, what's to fear? Only our own sense of unlovableness.

If God is love, and God is a verb, loving is all there is even of your defects, warts and all. This doesn't mean that life doesn't have consequences. As Dr. Phil says, "Some people get it, and some people don't don't." If you don't get it, life will teach you some lessons, in an attempt to help you learn. Are you ready?

All the best,

David Markham

The true power of the Allmighty, at least for me, is that despite the fact that He is all knowing, all encompassing, that He still knows and all my defecits of spirit and has unconditional love for me. This in no way makes Him a sissy, who among us can say the same to one another? I agree that God deserves fear (biblical fear as in respect). We do not often realize that God forgives our sins, but he hates the sins we commit. We cause Him grief because he loves us, and while he will always love us he is not afraid to do what is nessecary to eradicate it like the disease that it is.

What is it to "Fear" God? Not to take lightly the forgiveness and Love He gives us. To realize that despite the fact that we flippantly believe we're going to be forgiven (and we will if we ask) we should take a moment to realize the gravity of our sins, and so appreciate more the forgiveness and pray for a changed heart.

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