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January 14, 2004


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You know I've been a church hopper at times without necessarily always wanting to be. I think individuals often can be in a state of flux and their church affiliation is really seen as an outward sign of it. Kind of like how depression may affect sleeping or eating patterns, church affiliation I think often is a sign that individual has some unmet spiritual or personal need that they are trying to meet.

And of course there are other consideration. Like I've missed a few Sundays, actually going to a Protestant church (I know the pastor their and my best friend is very tight with him as well), because of my job duties. A few times, I was unexpected assigned to work on sunday morning to cover my client. I pretty much have this assigned as a default off, because that a high priority for me. But with staff shortages and needing to cover other people who need to take time off, I can't always do this. So in this case, I actually church hop for my job; because I know Jared wouldn't be able to relate or take to a 2.5 or longer Coptic service. He's hyperactive enough with a one hour one. Plus he would ahve trouble fitting in the cramped little sanctuary, and a plethora of other reasons......

This is one of those issues that I would want to have a better, factually based, understanding of sociology and history to really address this question. My intuitive answer would be that our society is so much more transient than 30 or more years ago, that we have experienced such a loss of community in general, and that the growing "information age" educated us about so many more choices, that church-hopping was a natural phenomena growing out of these changes. But it's always easy to look back 30+ years and idealize what came before, and I don't really trust that we have the best perspective to really analyze this kind of thing.

So if postmodernism really brings a growing desire for a sense of community - yes, I think that it can only help with the problem of "church-hopping". Have we really seen evidence, though, of growing postmodernism bringing a renewal of a physical-locality type of community?

There's a pretty long post on my blog in reference to your great question! (

Christine, I think your "intuitive" answer is dead-on. Don't underestimate this ability. ;)

"...that most dreadful phenomenon: church-hopping"
it always seemed to me that pastors welcomed the "hoppers" if they were on the receiving end of the hop ... especially if they were well healed in the wallet

Chris - I was just re-reading this post... and I remembered the theme song for "church-ploppers"! "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is..." ;)

LOL! Got any other songs, Chris?

Shok -- I don't know buddy. I think I encountered too many "the-Lord-told-me-to-come-to-your-church-and-sow-into-your-ministry" wacko's in my early, formative years. ;)

i will admit that i pushed those pushy ""the-Lord-told-me-to-come-to-your-church-and-sow-into-your-ministry" wacko's" right out the door in short order and onto the next guy's church, now that u mention it ...

Personally, I'm wondering if we need to stop seeing this as a problem and just accept it.

It happens. It always has and I think it always will.

I guess for me the problem is what I am gonna do with it.

Hi Desert Pastor,

My wife and I are 'church' drop outs and have not attended a 'church' for years. Prior to dropping out we were 'church' hoppers.

The reason why there are so many hoppers is false teaching; the teaching of a false gospel which is not a gospel at all. What these 'pastors' teach is a mish mash of religion, churchanity and salvation by works.

Until the True Gospel is taught - primarily Grace, then these demon-inations will struggle with keeping their flocks, but worse keep those who stay in bondage. In fact, once True Grace is taught demon-inations will disappear and the True Church will be revealed.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to learn more.


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