How's Your Ear?
The Apostle Mary Magdalene


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nice pictures. vacations are a wonderful thing.

Welcome back, DP!

Your vacation pictures look very fun... and nice to hear of another audible fan, I love my books from them...

What is this "vacation?" It sounds fascinating...

Glad you're back, DP. Now if I could just find some time to post, everything would be right with the blogosphere. =)

You know that cruise ship pic, is very ooze avatarable....

Hey everyone, it really IS nice to be back (although I returned only to deal with another death in our congregation and a teenage runaway situation).

But... I purchased the coolest cross/crucifix from an artisan -- I plan on taking a special photo and using it here sometime in the next few weeks.

Cruise ship avatar, huh Pavel? lol
I know you like icon avatars...but don't you go and use that Mary Magdalene one from my latest blog, k? ;)

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