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Praying Through Lent

SeekGod2004.jpg For the third year in-a-row, the congregation I pastor will be using the Seek God for the City prayer guide as we journey together through the 40 days of Lent. Actually, it's not just our congregation -- many of the churches in our city are doing this together. Barstow has a strong and wonderful ministerial association (e.g. the pastors love each other and pray together weekly throughout the year).

This daily prayer guide is very missional in its focus. It encourages believers to pursue personal repentance and growth in a way that also identifies with the people of their community...and the world.

In addition to my "normal" blogging (huh!), I'm planning to blog each day during Lent, using the prayer guide. Each post will focus on a specific "prayer excerpt" -- one that captures my heart and imagination. Steve Hawthorne -- who I believe writes most of the prayers included in the prayer guide -- has done an amazing job in past years. I believe God has tremendously blessed this man in his ability to articulate important matters in prayer. Now as you know...I'm a great lover of ancient common prayer and other orthodox prayer forms. But these prayers always seem to contribute something extraordinary.

Well anyway, this will all begin this Wednesday -- Ash Wednesday.

If anyone else is interested in joining me on this prayerful quest, let me know. I think it'll be great!


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your lent blog will be here? or somewhere else?

Tammy, my Lent-related blog will be right here on Paradoxology, starting tomorrow morning (Ash Wednesday).

and i'm back now and reading through it.
good stuff.
i had never heard the history of the ashes. they remind us of our death.
just last year i learned that most churches burn the palms from last years palm sunday service to get the ashes for this year.
where did you get your ashes?

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