Praying Through Lent
Evangelization Through Immigration


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My brother Kevin would have been 19 this year. My God be gracious to us and comfort us...

You and Ingrid are in my prayers, Chris. And you too, Karl. I pray that God meets you there...

can't imagine anything worse. I pray that the God of comfort will meet you where you need Him most.

Thank you. And Karl, I echo Chris' prayer on your behalf.

I'm so grateful for how God redeems our histories -- including the times of great pain and loss.

thank you for sharing this picture and this "part" of your life with us. it anchored me back to the "desert realities" that I would hope to ignore and to the one "reality" that i must not ignore - GOD

jeffrey's picture is now a part of our screen saver photos. i'll pray for you and your family whenever i see him.

we love you guys!

Thank you, Tammy! That means a GREAT DEAL to Ingrid and me. Bless you!

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