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April 27, 2004


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Good Stuff, DP.

This may not be good theology - but for years, I have had a picture in my head that kinda illustrates this for me. It's of walking along a narrow mountaintop edge, where the mountain falls away on either side. The path if very do-able, but without intention and deliberation to stay on that path - gravity takes over. I kinda think there's a gravity-type force in our lives that just naturally draws us away from seeking Christ, unless we are intentional and deliberate to continue to do so - whatever our theology, or philosophy, or practices...

i like what you wrote.

the simplicity of the gospel can seem boring in our fast paced multi-tasking world. we have to detox from our culture in order make jesus central. cause it seems boring at first. it isn't, but it seems like it until we're detoxed.

Chris(tine) -- I wouldn't worry about your theology there. ;) It sounds an aweful lot to me like Romans 7:7-25!

Tammy -- I like your notion of "detoxing" from our culture, but it has me thinking that some Emerging Church folk may balk at the idea. They would view the institutionalized church as what is "toxic" and the culture-at-large as a breath of fresh air in which to pursue their faith differently. Some of this is a sort of knee-jerk reaction. Time has an amazing way of tempering us....and in this case, showing us just how toxic the culture HAS become. IMHO, all of this is behind the "Generation O" phenomenon ("O" = Orthodox). We need something far more secure than the shifting sands of culture.

Hey Tammy -- speaking of "detoxing"... do you think there is such a thing as "culture addiction"?

thank you for your thoughts... sometimes when i pray, i get cought up in thoughts like: should i kneel or stand or lift my hands... i find myself wanting do do it right. and then i sense God saying to me relax - just love on me. it's all about relationship and not about the wineskin. all the different forms of doing church is a sign of a multifacetted (i don't even know how to spell that word... i'm a foreigner ;-)) humanity. our challenge is to keep the unity and to love one another. thank you for helping us to stay open for oneanother.

'but it has me thinking that some Emerging Church folk may balk at the idea'

sometimes the coolest new thing will cause one to balk at something that god is trying to tell us.

'do you think there is such a thing as "culture addiction"?'

yes. especially when the culture is easy and enticing like ours. not too many people want to detox from americanism. i would guess that lots of them would gladly give up poverty and the other overwhelming cultural issues in the third world.

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