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May 31, 2004


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nice post, DP.

you've summed up the emerging church quite well, in my opinion.

i was hoping it wouldn't be evangelical and western, but i think it is.

yet god works in all things when we cooperate with him, so i'm not frustrated. just a little disappointed.

but i think there's things happening outside the lines of 'emergent' which may not disappoint after all ...

"yet god works in all things when we cooperate with him"

Tammy, I think you put your finger on something quite simple, yet very profound.

The emerging church is in a unique position -- a mediating position between two poles in modern Christianity: Liberal and Evangelical. I'm not sure if they fully realize that God is at work in this fledgling movement, wanting to significantly impact both (Liberal and Evangelical). I envision a day when -- for those who do as you have suggested (choose to cooperate with God) -- we will marvel at the redemptive good which God will bring together from out of the various "streams" that comprise His Church.

This is the "flipside" of my most recent post on postdenominational sectarianism -- I suppose it could go either way...greater unity, or greater division. And it'll probably end up being both.

Chris, your last comment is right on. As I've analyzed this thing we find ourselves in (from a mainline perspective, mind you), I have felt that one of the gifts of the emerging conversation was crossing over between folks who are traditionally ascribed to be evangelical, and those who are ascribed to be liberal (and then there's the rest of us, who fall somewhat in between).

As I've looked at this, I see evangelicals who have been willing to let go of structure in the service of mission, but have held on to a theological structure with a rigidity that undermines that mission. Mainline folks (what evangelicals call liberals) like myself have been willing to rethink our theology along the way, but have been unwilling to sacrifice our structures for mission.

What I believe the emerging thing offers both of us is the ability to learn from one another as we "recover" from our theological and structural addictions.

I am *not* theologically addicted...

I am *not* in denial either...


Thanks Jay, for the clarification on the "mainline - evangelical" distinction. I gues my evangelicalism was showing! :O

Excellent summary remarks you've made, by the way. I hope we'll hear more from you here at Paradoxology.

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