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May 12, 2004


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Very insightful post. I would agree with you completely. When the nation of Israel disobeyed God's commands by sinning, God allowed other nations to oppress them.

God bless.

i don't your statements are a stretch at all. i think they are very true, and it's very difficult for us (collectively speaking)to hear them.

it would require a response on our part, and that would mean a change in our lifestyles. we don't want to think about that too much.

DP, your voice is accurate, frightenlgy accurate, once again.

Wow, DP - I can only shallowly follow your comments right now, I need to sleep. But I wanted to say that I just got home from going with my daughter's 4th grade class to an Environmental Living Program, where we got to sleep overnight on the beach on an authentic Miwok Indian midon. The Miwok had lived in this little tiny valley and cove for over 1000 years, and it is amazing how thriving and healthful the area is, and how little of an impact they had on that land... As I sat this morning, running my hands through the sand that is thick with pieces of shells left from these Miwok's lives, I was thinking of some of the issues that you raise.

At the same time - I ended up not sleeping much because my daughters' teacher had a severe asthma attack there, and I spent the night driving her to the nearest hospital's emergency room, arriving back at the beach just as the kids were getting up in the morning. As the teacher, who is passionate about teaching the kids about the Miwok, said - without modern technology - if she had been a Miwok - she would have been a dead Miwok.

I say this not to detract at all from what you have said. I think that I appreciate what you have said very much - though I will need to come back and read again after having gotten some more sleep! Just wanted to add my .02 from my experiences just last night and this morning. :)

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