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Vacation: Trail to Shadow Lake

Yesiree! DesertPastor has left the Desert (well... only for a week or so), and is vacationing in the High Sierra's of California! Here are some pics from yesterday's 8.5 mile hike from Agnew Meadows up to Shadow Lake (8734') and back. It was an amazing trail (part of the historic Pacific Crest Trail) which journeys through the Ansel Adams Wilderness. I've been dying to get on a hike like this for months...




I never tire of being out in the creation like this. The sights and sounds and smells, the breezes and the vistas -- they all remind me of my smallness and vulnerability, of my "creaturliness" in the presence of the Creator. Incredible!


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Oh - so glad you are getting to spend time in such a gorgeous place! Enjoy and relax!!

those pictures remind me of the snowy mountains, just west of laramie, wyoming. we often escaped up there for a day. i loved it.

I think "escaping" is really important, Tammy -- especially in my line of work. ;)

A dear counselor/pastor/mentor of mine (who now is with the Lord) always urged those in paid ministry positions to take MORE than two-weeks of continual vacation. As a counselor, he believed that it takes 2 weeks just to "let the RPM's drop" and "get to zero" -- any time taken past that THEN becomes "therapeudic and restorative." Only once in the past 25 years have I followed his advice (it was AMAZING). My goal is to do it again within the next few years.

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