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July 16, 2004


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remember the names of god teachings from the 80's? that one was sort of over-looked ... ;)

You seem to have forgotten the other part of Hosea's description: God-who-is-like-rot.

What to make of that? I'm not sure. Apparently the prophet was more intimate with God than I!

as i was re-watching LOTR last night i saw the moth fly to help gandalf and it reminded me of this post. i liked that tiny touch of god/good that came from that picture. thank you!

Tammy, I'm cracking-up, laughing, just thinking about how fun it would have been to insert this into that "names-of-God" thing! Hey! Maybe we could write a worship chorus to go along with it?!

What do you think, Mark? Would the "God-who-is-like-rot" kinda mess-up the positive-confession crowd who only associate rot with the Devil who comes to steal, kill, and destroy? Surely the same God who will "rebuke the canker-worm" on our behalf couldn't himself be like rot, could he? ;)

woa this is a cult?

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