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Vacation: Only Memories Now


Our vacation is now over. But looking back over the past 10 days, Ingrid and I agreed that it was one of our all-time favorites! We had SO MANY unique experiences -- like taking Benjy and Angie down into one of California's infamous earthquake faults (pictured below), and really felt like we relaxed in a qualitative way (people in our congregation even commented on how "relaxed" we looked).


DSC01258After 7 days in Mammoth Lakes, CA -- we drove up over Tioga Pass (Elevation 10,000 ft.) and through the northern part of Yosemite National Park. After a very L_O_N_G day of driving, we arrived in our state's Capitol (Sacramento), were I played "tour-guide" for my wife and daughter. :D (explanation: over an 8-year period, I helped lead tours through the State Capitol and surrounding locations for students in our Christian school)

Although Governor Arnold didn't clear his schedule to see me, we still had a great time in and around Sacramento, which included some serious wild-blackberry picking (with whipped cream...yum!).


If you'd like to see more of our vacation photos, go here. Since I've come back with a serious "itch" for the trail, I'll probably find a way to carve out a few more days away before summer's out. I guess I'll keep you posted. ;)


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