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August 24, 2004


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Thank you for posting this; this is fascinating stuff.

In some ways, the house-church model strikes me as analagous to the havurah (lit. "fellowship" or "group of friends") movement within American Judaism: both are home-based, both arose as a reaction to the size and commercialism of large religious institutions, both seem to attract people who are intent on a search for meaning within religious tradition. It's interesting for me to see how this happens in a Christian context...

(Dawn) What would happen if we shepherds said "yes" to peoples' true calling by God, and then trained the body of Christ to say "yes" to each others' callings; resulting in ALL of us working within our callings? I would envision a lot of people would find their giftings/callings are to be used outside the four walls of the church.

I like this thought...seems to fit what I'm experiencing as well.

(Dawn) Today, I see people starving for some dirt, and for some quiet in their lives; and especially hungry for God time.

You mentioned the predominate focus on engaging our five senses during gatherings. I'm finding a passionate preoccupation with what I call the sixth sense (the kingdom or spiritual sense). I think what we try to do is move people toward this "sixth sense" by using the five senses. I'm thinking this is counter productive. It makes us focus on the physical as we desire to encounter the spiritual. Does that make sense?

In response to HeyRick post:

Yes, the important thing is this connection to God and the spiritual realm. He truly is everywhere all the time. But, there is also a balance between the 5 senses and the "6th". I personally am more in tune with God and able to hear him more clearly when I'm alone in nature, or sitting in quiet contemplation midst a beautiful setting; it feeds me on all levels. So, the real question becomes is this "mood" stuff I'm setting for people in my church connecting them to God, or just entertainment. To disconnect entirely from the physical and only value spiritual though is Gnostic, not Christ. I believe to truly know and follow Christ is to allow him to awaken and bring to life the spirit and let him permeate every aspect of our being, including our bodies and how we mistreat them.

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