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August 23, 2004


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What a great quote! Looks like you won't be the only one ordering a copy. I haven't read what the other blog was saying, but as far as your post, I don't think that our problem is that we copy the culture around us. The problem is much deeper.

My wife and I went to a U2 concert back in 2001 the night after Pascha (Easter)...we were blown away at

a) how shallow it seemed compared to the glory of the Paschal Liturgy and
b) how much more "spiritual" and fulfilling the concert was compared to our days in typical Christian churches....

Bothers me.

Ironically enough, just before I saw this post I blogged on the fact that we rely so little on guidance in ministry by the Holy Spirit. Programs and models reign, and no one notices the Spirit has left the building.

Seriously, doesn't anyone ask why the Spirit seems to always lead church leaders into the latest Christian ministry fad? I question such leading, even if it produces "results," simply because we never get to see if a truly Spirit-led move would trump it.

Chris, I just ordered McNeil's book. I cannot wait to get it. I agree with DLE! So funny, because Holy Spirit is always talking. It just depends if we want to get over ourselves and our own agendas to listen and do what he wants.

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