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August 14, 2004


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If i'm honest I have more questions than answers, but sometimes some clarity would be helpful, just to know we are on the right track or am I just looking for reassurance in an uncertain world?

My first take on the topic: the questions (right questions) allow us to reframe the problem or situation we face -- look at it from a different perspective; make us slap our own headsand say, "why yes, that's the key question." The right answers come much more slowly because they are experiential -- they come from God through other people and the passage of time.

Interested in other's thoughts.

Good thoughts so far. I think "not perfection" is right about the "right answers" and how they come slowly.

Gary, in suggesting the possibility of "looking for reassurance in an uncertain world", it reminds me of hearing how the emerging generations are faced with a "spectre of doom" -- which flows from the sobering reality that modernity and science and technology have NOT solved the world's problems or helped us to all get along. Maybe the humbling of "empirical truth" is resulting in the hightened interest in "spiritual truths" ??? Maybe we're beginning to look for answers in a new way.

I haven't been to the ooze for a while, and I recently came across something that Spencer wrote about questions and answers. It's very fitting for this conversation.

And while this post seems to somewhat downplay questions, isn't that what this post is? The entire post could have been a question. That's why blogs are so interesting, b/c they ask for the input and opinion of others. Just my 2 cents.

Oops. Here is the link:

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