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October 06, 2004


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Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your insights!

I'm currently part of an IC, and am wondering if you would care to lovingly elaborate more on what it was like for you in leaving the IC. You mentioned in an earlier comment the isolation you felt, and how some of those you thought would be supportive were not. Without totally trashing your sending church (if that is an appropriate phrase here) how was yoru "release and send"ing done?

And along those lines, could you give some pointers to those in pastoral leadership in the IC re: how to release those who are being called into a house-church or otherwise emergent place? What would bless the socks off of someone in that same place as you once were? How could the IC leadership support and encourage in a major way? Sometimes things seem so "us" and "them" that it sometimes boils down to "...Fine -- go then. You're into something I can't handle, so it is easier for us all if you just go and do your thing" -- but that is far from being an actual blessing and affirming of the new thing being done in someone's heart and life.

What do you think?

~ Keith

Wow! Your question, Keith touches on a very poignant spot. In the big picture, there really aren't insiders & outsiders but rather a bunch of God's kids all fumbling around trying to get it right. So, what I think is crucial is to bless PEOPLE. Everyone wants to be affirmed for who they are and not just what they do in a particular body. So, if you bless the person: their qualities, giftings and calling, what they carry, their anointing (even if it's in an embryonic state) Call it out and bless it. Then God is honored. And I must say this blessing process is best started before the big break off or frustration point, if at all possible. But, it's never too late to be loving.

In sooooo many of the stories I've heard, this is a great sore spot, and for some it's still a gaping wound of not receiving a blessing or sending, but a curse and rejection. The Body of Christ needs a lot more true fathers types who are willing to affirm and release.

Hi Dawn and Matt,
I logged in today and saw part 3 of your interview, which led me to read parts 1 and 2 as well. What a wonderful call of God you have on your life! I find God is so willing to bless us when we just get busy loving people. Whether we are attending an IC or fellowshiping in a small group, home-church, coffee-house setting or in some other manner; as long as we are willing to make the effort to reach out and become a part of something outside of ourselves, God is willing to bless us. You have come to our church to speak and led us in worship and I so appreciate when you come to visit. You both radiate the love you have for God and through you He speaks and lifts others. May you be continually blessed in His work. I still am thinking about Jacob from your last talk, Dawn. Matt, when you played the soft quiet offering interlude - it was Spirit anointed. Thank you!

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