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December 08, 2004


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wow! good job, there, DP.

i figured it was the end of your semester, as i've never know you to be this silent before. :D



Very good news, indeed!

congratulations, btw:

It is impossible to understand an infinite God with a finite HUMAN mind. the question of "where do aborted babies go?" has been given the answer that they go to a place called "limbo", which is somewhat like a secondary heaven. I do not believe in that, my conscience tells me that it is not fair that they must settle with a secondary heaven because of something they had no control over. I believe that the God who created the universe has something else in mind. We cannot limit him to such things as "limbo", for an infinite God has infinite possibilities.

congrats . . .

so glad you're back - i was getting worried

Thanks, everyone!

It really is great being back in the blogosphere!

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