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January 10, 2005


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I'm grateful that they are still speaking to many people. Like you, I've never been there, but FAS has had a great influence on my life through his works. He saw very clearly and prophetically how Enlightenment philosopy led straight into all that is problematic with Postmodernism as a philosophy. Lots of e'icals latched onto his "apologetics", but in his writings on the church, he was very clear that the final apologetic is the beauty of human relationships functioning healthily in the church. Whatever personal shortcomings he may have had, his writings helped many people realize they didn't have to "check their brains at the door" to be Christian. Those who dug deeper saw there was a lot more than intellectualism going on with him- he rightly saw the holistic nature of Christian life, especially as regards relationship. So much of what he said still resonates today, and so much of the good that came from his ministry happened because they at L'Abri simply accepted people who came to them. I think if FAS were alive he would be part of the "emerging" conversation, listening to and learning from "postmodern" people.

I get a lot of satisfaction sharing the same birth date with him [-day, not year :) ].

Thanks for reminding us of all the good that has been done in and through the Schaeffers and L'Abri.


schaeffer was an early participant in the postmodern debate, his major work in the 60's-70's was before the word *postmodern* was invented and before modernism died ... his participation was unique in that his writings argued vigorously against existentialism the forerunner to postmodernism ... (though postmodernism differs from existentialism they both are post-Cogito and they both abhor the notion of absolute truth) ... schaeffer was significant because he correctly assested the trajectory of philosophical thought in the 20th century ... what he reacted to in existentialism was the logical inevitability toward what we know now is postmodernism but he did that before anyone including the adherents of existentialism themselves knew what it was ... schaeffer was a very strong proponant of foundational realism ... and a pivotal figure indeed!! peace :::

I have always wanted to take six months off and go to L'Abri.

However, I heard on another site that L'Abri is increasingly taking on a Roman Catholic bent, moving away from some of the theological positions of Schaeffer and more into ideals like those of the RCC Taize community.

Someone please tell me that this is not the case.


Wow, you have to make it hard don't you? I would love to visit L'Abri, even live at one for a few years. Its hard to find anyone who combines the intellect AND spiritual formation. Is there anyone else doing it?


About 7 or 8 years ago, I had the good fortune to be able to attend a few meetings of an offshoot of L'Abri - the Northern California L'Abri meetings. This group was a turning point for me, an introduction to a group of people who didn't check their minds at the door, who engaged the gospel and culture in a thoughtful way. I lost touch with the group after that time, as I went on to have another baby and became extremely busy, and the long-time host of the meeting John Hoyt (married to Luci Shaw) moved to the northwest for Luci's work (and I believe the group eventually ended). This group had a big impact in my life, and I feel like it was the beginning of the story that continued on when I was later introduced to emergent church and postmodern Christian discussions. I am very glad that L'Abri is still an active community (I only wish that local offshoot still existed!).

I am constantly reminded of how thankful I am for places like that and people like the Schaeffers-may God grant us more like them!

may i suggest the epiphany association as well they have a rich tradition that focuses primarily on the ecumenical church's traditons of spirituality inclusive of the RC traditions and the protestant traditons BEFORE the reformation . . . they can be seen at . . .

I had the privilege of visiting English l'Abri years ago, as well as taking in a number of events at Rochester, MN L'Abri. Few have combined apologetics, "honest answers to honest questions", and truly loving response to deep heart-cries for fellowship in the way Schaeffer & L'Abri have.

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