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February 14, 2005


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I think it is weirder that we have a bunch of people sitting around waiting for a platoon of volunteers to pass out little "bricks" of "bread" and jigger chasers of Welch's.

Is that a meal of any kind? Does it bear any resemblance to the Last Supper? Not that I can tell. Frankly, what you did between spoonfuls of chili sounds more like the real thing to me.

Common meals are always a positive way to build fellowship. Jesus and His disciples capitalized on this, and St. Paul in 1 Corinthians did not apparently have any hesitation about doing so. Caution should be used, however, to carefully delineate the sacrament of His Body and Blood, from the sacrament of fellowship.

Good work?


My comment should read, GOOD WORK! No question about it.

"bricks and jiggers" -- that's hilarious, Dan!

Dr. Don -- I think I agree, but tell me more about the delineation between the sacrament of Eucharist and the sacrament of fellowship. (it's great having you post here at Paradoxology. Welcome!)

Just thought I would share what we did today. We had a shared meal following worship and toward the end of the meal we moved into communion. Plates of bread were passed as were cups. So, we didn't literaly have a "common cup," but this was put together to prevent this act of worship from being an individual exercise. We spent some time considereing the body and blood of Christ, remembering and celebrating. The church responded very well.

We recently started a church on the South Side of Pittsburgh and every week at the end of the service we share communion followed by a community meal. We consider our lunch simply a continuation of the communion and worhsip we are participating in. When we first started I figured maybe half would stay for lunch but it amazing how week after week the people stay to eat and fellowship together. Most show up around 11am and don't leave until after 1pm.
It has been an awesome blessing and time of fellowship for our baby church. Frankly I am not sure if our church would be growing the way it is without our communion meal together.

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