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March 15, 2005


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Peterson takes a question that implies a sadness and hopelessness about the church, and he answers it honestly and yet in a way that shows us our future and our hope.

i really respect that man.

If you found Chris' quote provocative, I highly recommend the entire interview.

To answer your question, Chris, I think Peterson is speaking prophetically for oru generation of church leaders. Of course, I'm rapidly on my way to becoming an Episco-Baptist (you heard it here first) so take that assessment with my bias in mind.

Of course, as a recent visiting lecturer at our seminary reminded us, just because you're biased doesn't mean you're not right. =)

i'm slowly reading through the bible in the message paraphrase. it's taking me a couple of years.

reading peterson's intros to each book has cast a new light on many things.

I appreciate Peterson's comments. One of the things he has been rock-steady on over the years, and the church less so, is calling people to a life of discipleship and all that implies. Bonhoeffer's "cheap grace" is still much in abundance, especially as we take cues from the marketing world and try to make Christ's message more tasty to a new generation of spiritual consumers. He's right, others are saying similar things, and the church, and maybe pastors particularly, need to watch out that they don't fall for the temptation to amp up the numbers by adding sugar to the Gospel.

Hey Chris,

I really value Eugene Peterson and his heart for the church.

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