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March 03, 2005


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{Insert obligatory Mac propaganda here}

lol! Dan and Benjy, you're hilarious!
...and agreeing even!! :O

Not sure how I'm to interpret that though: you see it all depends on whether I read the picture as a techie and see 'fun time with wires' or as a technophobe and see 'Aargh'. Ah the inherant ambiguities of existence!
So ws it a fun day doing demanding things you enjoyed or Aargh! -Get me out of here!

Sorry Chris, but must agree with my Apple buddies. Mac does run smoother and is more reliable. Now, my Mac is used for audio/studio purposes only and is NOT connected to the internet. In 5 years, it has never crashed, even with running 30+ audio tracks!! As I have heard from other Mac users, there are very little to no viruses running through the internet.

To my blogging buddies, you must know that Chris is an avid and dedicated PC user. In fact, when we served on staff together he was the PC guru and was on the PC bandwagon getting everyone hooked up. So, be patient with Chris. It may take years before he surrenders to the fact that Mac is the most slammin' product.

By the way Chris, you can get Windows for Mac and you can get Microsoft Office for Mac as well.

"By the way Chris, you can get Windows for Mac and you can get Microsoft Office for Mac as well."

Yeah, yeah... and I can even "make the switch" now for around $500, I know, I know...

Andii - spending two back-to-back days working on our church's PC-based network instead of "other" ministry tasks was/is frustrating. Well, now you know.

i posted this elsewhere last week, maybe you didn't see it:

thanks for the info on emergent san diego... i'm a bit of an eavesdropper on the whole emerging church... if i would want to buy ONE cd/lecture thing from san diego... what would it be? IOW what session were people talking about all week?
Thanks for all the free video clips btw

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