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May 29, 2005


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nice! what a fun experience.

Being so bitterly divided does not hurt Satans feelings.

I too have participated in Corpus Christi. I am an Episcopalian and would have welcomed any person at the table. Thaninking about the true meaning of Eucharist (thanksgiving)and that it was instituted by Jesus Christ and we are "reminded" of Christ prsence with us now in the celebration of the Eucharist, it is a bit disappointing that the RC's werte not as welcoming with Christ's body as they were allowing other churches to particiapte. Good for you for remaining humble about the sitituation and hats off for building a bridge.

A handful of people from my church attended with me, but as non-Catholics, of course, we were not able to join them in receiving Holy Communion. But this didn't diminish the significance of what we all had experienced together.

What a pointless exercise if you were kept from the Lord's Table. There was no fellowship there! Your last sentence above makes no sense to me. You were kept in your place by folks who still see you as separated, even as they pretended to show you the hand of fellowship.

How detestable!

Detestable? Well, Dan -- I guess you won't be getting any such invitations soon.

Rather than completely excluding me, they sought a creative way to work toward unity within their restraints. Motivated by the spirit of love, I commend them.

Chris, what am I missing here?

A. It's the Feast of the Body of Christ.
B. It's supposed to be about the unity of the Faith.
C. They refuse you the Body of Christ because you are not one of them.

I read every word of your post on this and I'm just scratching my head trying to find a way to see how this was a unifying event when the very heart of the event is purposefully denied some of the participants. It's like a white church in the name of racial reconciliation inviting the pastor of the black church across the street to come preach at their church--as long as he does it from the parking lot. Would anyone say that was reconciliation?


The dynamics of cross cultural and inter -denominational worship interaction engages the very being of my life. As might be known I currently serve in a Native American setting. In the past the multi - cultural settings of inner- city urban America, and travels to the Far East and Middle East as well as living in England cleared the fog (how does that happen in England) most mono - cultural Americans are surrounded in.

The scars of Euro - centric evangicalism colors many of the conflicts that has lead the percentage of Native believers to be between 1%to 5% depending on who’s speaking. After 500 years of contact with the Gospel this is truly detestable appalling disgusting….!!

As I was reading your report on the Feast of Corpus Christi my mind raced to traditional prayer as explained to my wife and I by a friend Navaho. She spoke about her father awaking each morning and giving thanks to the Creator facing each of the cardinal directions. He cast pollen as an offering, much like the incense. Prayers are also accompanied with burning bundles of cider sticks at other times.

We have done horrible destruction of the cultures Yahweh made [Deut.32:7-8, Gen. 11, Acts 17:26] and their diverse responses of thanksgiving, joy, and worship by casting the revelation of the Creator into the culture of Europe and the expressions contained in the resulting culture.

To mold Christianity into that form as accepted and the model is arrogant. The conclusion also logically says true worship did not exist until the Nations of Europe matured from the tribal roots to teach the Pagans. The prayers around the alter could have been a good catalyst to Trans - culturally explain the Creator who you praise and thank each morning who revealed Himself more completely in His Son… let us pray together and explore this revelation, what other aspects of Himself has He already shown you? Instead the Europeans blindly ran rough shot over truth and introduced culture as salvation instead of Christ. I will most likely write more on my blog later.
Pastor Art

I corinthians 11:27
Therefor whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the LORD in an unworthy manner shall be guilty of the body and blood of the LORD.
as an exRoman Catholic I have often thought that the protestants take the LORD's supper all together too casually. I have been to Catholic services where the priest has announced that the communion table was open to any born again, baptised believer, but that is not the norm, as per your account. Even after Pope John the 23rd declared that Roman Catholics were not the only Christians, Holy Communion is restricted to Catholics.
How can a priest know if the person receiving the body and blood is doing so in a worthy manner. He can be sure that at least Catholics know what that means.
I think, it sad, that after Chris discribed such a powerful service, the bloggers got all worked up about the restriction placed on the communion table. Shout to the north and the south, sing to the east and the west, Jesus is Savior of all, Lord of heaven and earth!


Here's the problem with the 1 Cor. 11:27 passage: it only pertains to an individual examining himself, not church leaders examining him. Ultimately, church leaders are not responsible for knowing who is worthy to receive communion--at least by what the Bible says. When they think they are, we end up with messed-up doctrines that don't come from the Bible. I see no problem with someone saying that communion is only open to born-again believers and just leaving it at that.

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