Freedom Abused Within the Emerging Church
What the Bleep Do We Know!? -- Interviewed by the Miami Herald


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The image represents a deep seated (no pun intended) frustration and fear that I see in the encroachment of modernity upon faith issues. We are told through Paul not to forsake meeting together especially as we near the trials of the closing of history and life for followers of Jesus becomes increasingly difficult.

If studies are correct and my experience not corrupt this isolation faith is like a growing cancer. A major part of the faith through out the Scriptures is done with - in the structure of community. Prov. Speaks of the three fold cord, two keeping one another warm, and one supporting another should one fall. Jesus sent out His witnesses 2 by 2. In fact the interdependent Trinitarian nature of Yahweh should be yelling at us. The call of Yahweh is that community gather together regularly to celebrate each other, family, and their relationship with Him their God and provider - protector. Part of the deepest evils of modernity is the isolation a lifestyle of isolation. Personal computers, personal music reproduction with people walking around with headphones cell phones interrupting any and all face to face interaction, and this diatribe can continue!

We are warned that there are none so blind who will not see and so deaf who will not hear. How will men hear if we can not tell them!??!
Pastor Art

I knew pastor art would comment on this on the others and I have to say to him...gee it reminds me of a time, early on, when I kept trying to get him to go to a church, and he said it was good enough for us to sit in the front room watching (of all things) Robert Schuller with his parents, ofcourse that was years and years ago...

Somebody goofed in labeling this "The Image of Protestant Evangelical Worship, pt 5". It's just a guy watching TV. He looks comfortable.

If the current gospel is "me and Jesus" then this image fits perfect with "that" gospel. Unfortunately, this is "the" gospel that most us know of.

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