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May 28, 2005


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This mixture of spiritual, fantasy, and science influences greatly our society. The people living out their lives from a “western world -view” influenced by modernity have bankrupted the truth factor. The last couple of generations learned naturalism as the foundation of existence. This left the “God shaped hole” that Pascal spoke about in need of satisfying. Scripture speaks about Yahweh forming within us our need for Him, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Acts 17:22ff.

Therefore, movies of this nature appeal to the deepest of longings placed within us; the absence of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us as His temple. Yahweh’s breathing into first man - Adam filled him with the Holy Spirit. After the temptation and turning away from truth Yahweh’s Spirit departed. Evolution, wither natural or spiritual, becomes a panacea for our longing for our Creator. The foundation of all of the “worlds” created in science - fiction or fantasy provide evolution as explanation for origins. Gods either represent advanced races or technology unexplained left by an advanced people. Much of the U F O influence in our time is a desire to find a “power” higher then us to get us out of this mess.

Movies of this nature become the holy writings of a naturalistic godless or God rejecting people.
(I have written more see post Propaganda?!?)
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