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June 30, 2005


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That's one of my favorite songs and the questions it asked have one sad answer: We're too busy trying to bring about the Kingdom with temporal political power instead of going about the business he commissioned us to do. Well, some are anyway and it's a huge hindrance to the message of the Gospel, IMO.


interesting that you should mention this group. I just discovered them, after watching their video on yahoo, 'American Dreams'. I went to itunes and legally downloaded their whole album.

one of the lyrics that struck me the most was from the song 'what if his people prayed' where he says, what if we started asking jesus instead of Oprah what to do...

I've been distraught and trobled this week over the whole church mess, and have had to wonder if the 21st century church has been more of a minus for the message than a plus.

I'm asking God to not just convict me about this stuff but to give me a plan... to do something.




I am praying for forgiveness, because i have been using some of these blog debates as an excuse to stand still and wonder.
I am also praying for wisdom and a plan...
The question in this song is THE question.
Faith without works is dead. There is a lot of dead faith out there, and do those people really think their dead faith can save them?

It's encouraging to hear that you're not using the mess-ups of others and of our collective past to cop-out, but rather to seek God for His plan for you). That really encourages and blesses me. And may the Lord astound you with success in your endeavor. Amen.

Oh...btw, I'm glad you downloaded the music legally (ah, but that's a topic for another time!).

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