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June 03, 2005


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Interesting stuff. I really like DaVinci Code because it brought up some interesting stuff for people to think about. I started to read Angels & Demons, but left after p. 10 because it felt exactly like DaVinci Code... perhaps I'll have to pick up where I left off...

I'm always some what shocked by the phobia around Dan Brown's book, almost like, " if you crack the cover on might catch something." We had an evening of conversation around the Da Vinci Code in our Cafe' made for some great discussion, and an avenue to engage people who are reading the book and struggle with faith. Just reading the excerpt of Angels and Demons...what a great way to enter in to conversations around faith and science, ceritude and mystery. I say lets not live in fear...lets use the stuff for our advantage.

But why did the sermon in the book have to be delivered by a complete nutter - totally invalidating it for most readers

I'm sorry to say that although Angels and Demons is the best of his novels IMO they are poorly written, poorly researched airport pulp fiction - I humbly suggest that if they didn't have religion as a core theme they wouldn't have even registered on the literary scale. I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt and have read 4 of his books (not sure if there are any more) but they got worse and worse, the puzzles easier to solve (though the weak characters he paints seem incomprehensibly incapable of doing even a tea-break crossword!) and the plots are all the same!

I do not know about any other of this author ‘s writings. I have seen some reports on the history channel ( I think) on the historical implications of Di Venice (spell) code. The section posted has questions needing answers answers that the Church for the most part is impotent to answer. Is science the study of Yahweh’s creation giving us more understanding of who He is, or has science become a god provision for man.the speaker in his diatribe poses these questions. We, the Church must answer these because the world around us and the population within it are guided by - to these questions.

Scripture speaks many times about being still meditating on Yahweh and His mystery. He will reveal Himself to us if and when we in quietness and peace listen. Confusion speed fast passed activities define the modern lifestyle driven by western mindsets. So much so when westerners engage a culture not driven we call the pace monyana time or some other derogatory phrase meaning they are to slow have no concept that time is money etc…

This “nutter” should be eating honey and locusts and wearing camel hair and resounding by the rushing water REPENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!!!!!
Pastor Art

I read this book for the first time over the summer, and I really loved it. I think it's funny that most Christians cast his books aside, when we really could use them to our advantage. I actually just used a quote from this in my Apologetics paper... the "you ask what does God look like" part. I don't agree with the claims that these books poke holes in the Christian faith... I think they do a great deal to strengthen it.

i love angels and demons so much..specially the speech of the camerlengo.. I'm also a religious person but i don't know why i adorned this book that much.. why not try to understand the real meaning of his speech.

Watched A&D over the Christmas break, and I can say without reservation that your review knocks this right on the head. Spot on Mr Sanchez. Spot on!

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