Spiritual Wisdom from Dan Brown?
Reaffirming the Clergy-Lay Distinction


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Servant hood in liturgy. Foot washings reconciliation between historic embattled people groups move nearly all involved. These have their place however let me play Devil’s advocate.

To do this I put this picture in a setting it often represents. A seminar or mission service at the closing of some time spent together by a hosting and visiting group. The next day…

Therein lies the problem. A friend of mine the head of a Native ministry and I have talked about this “concept” a few times and his thought is that reconciliation is a process not an event, liturgy, or piece of paper. Quite frankly he no longer has use for this his idea of reconciliation is side by side work over the long haul commonly experiencing joys and sorrows, victories and defeats. Even today after 8 years I hear you are still here?!?! when going to places to visit or minister. The surprise I think reflects this liturgy, that was put by a man from the inner city you suburban people come for a week to hep usen blak foke an go back to yourn big fancy homes felin good about yourn sef but we got at stay here. And he added I am glade we could help them feel good about themselves. Sorry fro the ubonics.

Are we giving our lives in service? Does the washing of another’s feet become another vacation we have slides to bore others with? Like my friend this really pricks my heart. Washing feet liturgy or lifestyle WWJD?
Pastor Art

Yes, Art - some people only go on outreach projects to appease their guilty consciences and/or give themselves a pat-on-the-back. Lord, have mercy.

But many others have a genuine heart for the less-fortunate, the needy, the poor -- wherever they may be; and they choose to get involved in their lives (long-term). They reject apathy and refuse to only give their money -- they invest both their money and their lives. And when they all worship together -- it's something of heaven.

Ah yes... I've heard of Solomon's Porch where all kinds of activities taking place and worship music is going. Prophecy station, foot washing station, creative arts, scripture posting..etc. People visiting different kinds of stations and everybody gets to give, minister and receive.

I've recently played piano at a gathering, where one womans' ministry was to lay hands on the worship team...AS WE WERE PLAYING!! So, during worship, she would go from player to player, singer to singer and lay hands on us. It was a weird "out of body" experience for me. She prayed over me, gave me words, and encouraged me. I began to play things I never played before; pretty wild. I just surrendered to what God was telling me and doing in me. I felt "Ya God, gimmee more of that!!!"


this series of pictures brings to mind a difficult lesson for me...

every time i worship, there is an opportunity to make it an shallow "experience", a fad, an excuse to avoid the body, a false idol. but in every one of these there is also the potential, the gift, of coming to the throne of a transcendent God.

the only difference lies in our hearts.

"...the only difference lies in our hearts."

Amazing, isn't it? And yet it is also easy to use a "heart worship" polemic to defend our unwillingness to change or be stretched. Go figure.

Good post, John.

Ok- I haven't heard the phrase "Solomon's Porch" for awhile and I was definately transported back to another time and place in my own religious history. I am extremely gun-shy of "personal prophecy" because of my own bizarre cult experience I so involved myself with - but am glad it was a positive for the person on the guitar. I have too many questions on that issue to post here. May have to blog about it myself once I've rolled it over inside.

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