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June 07, 2005


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They aren't just pentecostals - they are WORD OF FAITH pentecostals, which is very different. I'm a pentecostal and I lead an emerging pente charismaniac church and I am NOT fans of Hinn or Copeland. (Though some of the criticism in this post made me cringe a little - a few of you guys really are bold with your venom; I hope it doesn't come back to bite you). Peace.

I had no idea who those two men in the photo were, though one of the faces was very vaguely familiar. That made this post's comments pretty interesting to read... We really communicate so much through our common world-views, don't we?

Hinn's got gas and Copelands got the runs

Jim: "…some of the criticism in this post made me cringe a little"

I find that comment boxes force me to write tersely, and thus I can't add a lot of nuance. Consequently, it is the case that things will come off sounding more testy than they really are. But I'd like to make a few points:

First of all, I am not a "cessationist" and so I don't have any problem with charismatic gifts per se, although I do consider Hinn's ministry to be very questionable (especially regarding the financial practices), and Copeland's "a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal" doctrine-wise. Secondly, I had at one time pretty much a "front row seat" in a "faith miracle ministry" for several years. I won't bore anyone with the dreary details about the whole affair, but suffice it to say that people come to these things because they are desperately in need and they have nowhere else to turn. So I speak more from profound sadness at the damage that is being done to these people when they come and only end up being sent away with nothing but ashes. I have seen the damage up close and personal. So if I sound a little "ticked off", I apologize.

Wow. Chris, I actually like all the photo's excep the one of hinn and copeland. i'm not against the gifts, and i'm all for edifying the breatren, but we are also called to discern/test the spirits.

Anyone that things those two heretics are christians, well, God bless them. Jesus triumphed on the Cross and entered Hell a Victor, not a victim that had to trick the devil... no matter what copeland and hinn teach.




These two men along with others of their ilk are the worst examples of what people consider to be Christianity. We as Christians need only to follow the example of Christ and the two commandments He said were the most important commandments, Love God and love others as yourself.

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