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June 01, 2005


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i have never had this problem -- mike vanderkwaak

Me neither :-)

I have this problem ALL THE TIME!!

I'm a session keyboardist in LA and have done very few christian projects. There is a session keyboardist in Nashville, also named michael lee, who does almost exclusively christian projects. I've gotten more than one call from people booking me on gigs and dates thinking they were getting him, and he's gotten more than a few calls from people in Nashville thinking I had moved back there.

nice to meet you!

Michael (and everyone else) - the funniest name-confusion story I've heard involved a friend at BIOLA University: Jim Hafer, who was flown down to a mega-chuch in Argentina for a speaking engagement. After he arrived, he discovered that they thought he was Jack Hayford (I know, I know, it's a bit of a stretch... but it actually happened).

And on a slightly similar vein (and I think we've had this conversation before!), I started using "Chris(tine)" on blogs, instead of my normal daily-life "Chris", because of confusion it caused on your blog when I used "Chris" - especially during a conversation of some sort on women in ministry, and one commenter didn't realize I was a woman... I still wonder sometimes whether I should just stick with "Chris" and let people wonder about whether it is a woman or a man commenting, but I don't like to be at all deceptive, either, and now I'm used to "Chris(tine)...

"I still wonder sometimes whether I should just stick with "Chris" and let people wonder about whether it is a woman or a man commenting"

Chris, I would just use 'Chris' instead of 'Chris(tine)'. Bloggers (and others) need to be sharp enough and wise enough to not assume too much when dialoging with folks online. I'm sure your experience has been like mine: many names we encounter out there could be female OR male -- and really, what does it matter. Our ideas are either good ones or they're not -- and it doesn't matter what the sex of the other person is.

Hey, if it will help you, I'll start using my last name here, alright?


Thanks for the support Chris! - but you don't have to start using your last name!! That's not what I meant, and I haven't been commenting here all that much recently, anyway... your post just reminded me of that old conversation, and how I started using "Chris(tine)". Now I use it all over the place and I'm used to it... Though thanks for the encouragement to not worry about whether it confuses people or not... How about if I do switch back Chris here, I'll use my last initial as well, to avoid confusion! You gotta keep things comfortable, be relaxed, in your own home blog!!! ;)

That is scary. I went to college, in NY, with a Chris Monroe. I used to get his student loan info, parking tickets, and all sorts of stuff. What a pain.

Hi Chris Monroe! Thanks for posting.

Yeah, I've experienced the same thing here on the west coast -- it all started in the 3rd grade when I started getting bills from the public library for late fees and missing book charges!

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