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Please Pray for Kari

Kari_1_1A dear friend, classmate, and collegue -- Kari Morris-Guzman, was involved in a tragic accident last week while her and her husband (Aaron) were driving through Colorado. Their convertible went into a ditch and flipped, pinning Kari and Aaron under the car and crushing Kari's 5th vertebrae, which left her with no feeling below her shoulders.

Although Aaron was extricated with only minor injuries, Kari remains in the spinal cord injury (SPI) unit at Craig Hospital in CO.  Kari's condition has been improving a little, but slowly. The need for prayer is HUGE, and I for one am really focusing on Kari being weaned off of the ventilator she's still on.

Her friends and family are very technology-savy, and have not only set-up a website at, they are also sharing daily updates via Kari and Aaron's blog.

Kari serves as the youth pastor at Brookside Free Methodist Church in Redlands, CA, and is also very involved (along with her husband) in music ministry there.

Thank you SO MUCH for joining me in praying for Kari and Aaron and their family.

We love you, Kari!


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i will be praying for kari...

the presence of God's goodness,
be with Kari, her family, her friends, her church, and those in the medical field who are caring for her.

God sometimes hides. I will pray that he not remain hidden in this situation, and I will agree with your prayer for 'progress' and healing.

the Father our Hope,the Son our Refuge, the Holy Spirit our protection, all Holy Trinity glory to you, and please heal your servant Kari.

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