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Missional Candy?


Some say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach.   Well, maybe it's through their child's stomach!

Candy is the "language" children in our community are speaking right now, and our church & school are speaking it loud and clear!  It's amazing how many families from our city are here on campus tonight for our harvest festivale.  But what's even more amazing to see is the relationship building that's going on.

If Jesus were here, do you think he would be speaking "candy?"


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I don't think so, if you're really refering to CANDY. I think the "culture of candy" in our society is pretty unhealthy for our kids. Maybe kinda like alchohol for adults - in moderation it's a wonderful addition to life, but in excess can be very damaging. While Jesus did provide alchohol for people, I can't imagine him walking into an AA meeting and passing out glasses of wine. That's about how I feel about our society's tendency to push candy and sugar on our kids.

If what you really meant was the wonderful relationship- and community-building effect of what can happen when we get together to do things for our kids - I'm right there! That's my life!! I do just wish it didn't involve so much actual candy and unhealthy foods...

i'm with christine on that.

if the church first serves real food, then follows up with a bit of sugar, it would seem ok with me.

but a whole evening of only sugar? not so good.

"if the church first serves real food, then follows up with a bit of sugar, it would seem ok with me."

Well... we did serve up a lot of food. And we gave children a choice when winning at the game booths: mardi gras-style necklaces or candy. But the cake walk was still pretty popular.

Tammy, you and Chris(tine) have me thinking hard about some changes for next year. Thank you!

Tammy & Chris(tine),
I totally agree with you. The candy thing has always bothered me about church. At 9:00am the children are being filled with sugar. I am one who always tried to make sure that my child ate healthy and still do. I think that we really need to pray about how we can change the candy for something that would be nutritious and not have to worry about our children being all sugared out at church. Anyway, with that said, the relationship building is a great thing.

Jesus didn't die on a cross for our children to eat candy! Candy is inherently sinful in any quantity at any time of the year. Sugar is Satan's greatest invention. Look it up. Your bible will tell you so.

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