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December 06, 2005


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Dude I scooper you about 5 months ago!


scooped that is....

"Dude I scooper you about 5 months ago!"



Wa-wow! Actually I stopped listening to them when Greg X Volz left the group.

My favorite album was "Beat the System".

Yeah,I hear you Matt. Nonetheless, it's definitely noteworthy whenever any group has stayed together so long, don't you think?

Hey, Ingrid and I were reminiscing about how Brian Duncan was once asked to become the lead singer of Toto -- and we were wondering if they would still be together if he had done so?

To make you guys feel even older, I started listening to Petra when Greg dropped out and John started with them. Listened to them all the way from jr. high through college. A lot of people knew this would eventually come, but yeah, kinda sad!

Still have a ton on their music on my ipod though!

Although I have rejected some of the theology, plus the whole notion of CCM altogether, I still think Petra had great songwriting. Bob Hartman could turn a phrase, AND write a hook.

I just didn't like the hype associated with with many bands both CCm and mainstream of the era...

Now tomorrow night, I'll be listening to U2 live in concert.....My affinity does not seemed to have waned at all....

Do you remember that the Lead Singer that they had when they retired was not the original one? I like their early song "The Coloring Song"

Remember Mylon and Lefeffer? How about DeGarmo & Key?



Greg X Volz ---

i've always wondered if that was his real name ...

there's the answer.

Fascinating. Thanks for the link,Tammy!

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