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DesertPastor or Paradoxology?

Alright everyone. I could really use your help on this one.

As you know, my blog is called paradoxology, yet my domain is -- and I'm starting to feel a little schizophrenic. So I've been thinking that it might be a good idea for my domain name to coincide with my blog name.  Do you think that would be a good idea?

And then... IF my blog name and domain name are the same, which identity should I use?

Should I keep this one?


Or should I switch to this one?


When it comes to domains,, AND are both registered to me, so I'm free to use either of them.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Arrggh!  This blogger sure could use your input. Thanks!



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I'm partial to Paradoxology if you're going to keep your blog named "Paradoxology." But you can point both of them to the site, so anyone linking to will still find you.

And you should get off typepad and get your own hosting account. :D

I like Paradoxology and I agree you should move to your own hosting account. If you do make a domain name change, be sure to keep and point it to the new domain.

As far as imagery is concerned, I think the Desert Pastor is far superior.


naturally i'd be the 'note of discord'. I like desert pastor. I could do with some 'pastoring' and could do without some paradox.



I think you should stay with typepad and go with desertpastor all the way!

I like desert pastor as well. There has always been something about the tone and exchange of your posts that makes me wish I could know you as a pastor.

I vote for Desert Pastor, and

Paradoxology is far more creative. Stick with that.

I have to vote for Paradoxology as well, though I'd really say keep them both. I like the wordplay in paradoxology, though- desert pastor is sort of utilitarian descriptive. But the graphic and font for Desertpastor is awesome.

Not sure I care either way as long as I can still find you. Not sure why the difference between title and domain is a huge issue though. Mine don't happen to coincide.

Desert Pastor might be easier for folks to remember. You of course have had Paradoxology for while, so I'm not sure how many people you might confuse by switching to your oozename.

I think if you are really planning to remain in Barstow or the high desert you should really think about Desert Pastor. But you might want to do some kind of pole. And see how it goes.

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