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January 26, 2006


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I think Paradoxology points to the way you argue and what you bring up in your blog. DesertPastor suggests a more personal blog, complete with what you've been doing and cooking. Please don't change a thing.

What you can do is use both domains to beam your readers to this place of wonders.

I'm a sucker for double meantings and I think Paradoxology sounds great. DP has always seemed like your personal label whereas P'gy is a 'brand' that may be better off as the blog title.

That said I really like the DP graphic ...

Before you change anything, perhaps you need to decide your direction overall. Where do you see your online ministry going/growing? Who is your current audience? Is this the same one you want a year from now? Answers to these questions will help you define the optimal image and content, and direct any needed changes to your name(s), domain(s) and site hierarchy.

Right now, Paradoxology seems to be your brand; Desert Pastor exists only if you already know to search for it. If forced to choose, I'd stick with Paradoxology, and for these reasons:

* it creatively expresses your content
* is intelligible to any visitor/reader
* is a familiar/established blog brand
* is more inclusive for a global audience

The DP name and graphic is effective for attracting an exclusive, narrow band of Christian believers. If your desire is to attract a larger audience of seekers, who may themselves be wrestling with the paradox of life and faith, stick with Paradoxology; it's more inclusive. (why not capitalize on the global nature of the Internet?!)

Whatever you decide, be sure to link/cross-reference your two domains so you attract the widest possible readership. And so it better describes you and your content, why not update your DP metadata and description?There's a big difference in what a search engine displays depending upon the search text entered. (just compare the differences between "desertpastor", "desert pastor", and "paradoxology".)

I think everyone is right, you are desert pastor and your blog is paradoxology. I would rather you keep the domain desert pastor, but call the blog ology.

I like "Paradoxology" as your blogname for all reasons given by others. I also think "desert pastor" works as your moniker.
Not that it matters, but I do prefer the bright colors to the "blackness" of the current banner.

I vote for 100% Paradoxology and 100% Desert Pastor. How's that for an "Orthodox Answer?!"

I agree w/ the distinction made, Paradoxology is the blog of DesertPastor (DP has got to be WAY more famous then Chris Monroe anyway....) Just as "Bonovox" is the blog of fdr....

I think paradoxology makes you seem, to a nonbeliever, like a deeper thinker than desert pastor. I feel, from a marketing standpoint, you might draw in more of the "too smart for religion" types with paradoxolgy than desert pastor.

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