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January 26, 2006


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Well, the input has been fascinating so far. Pavel/Addai suggested:

"But you might want to do some kind of pole. And see how it goes."

I suppose -- in a very rough sort of way -- that's what's happening here thus far.

By "interpreting" the leanings some of you have expressed, I'm reading the results so far: = 6 = 6

I TOTALLY want more of you readers to post your opinions on this issue -- it's really important for me to hear from you.

And a follow-up question for everyone would be this: which of the above two domains do you feel has the greatest potential of drawing in new readers and contributors?

I prefer Paradoxology.

I'm not sure how I got here, but I've been reading you for a while now. I'm a Christian so "Desert Pastor" wouldn't have turned me off, but my curiousity was piqued by the Paradoxology name. I think you are more likely to get a wider reading with P rather than DP.

I do love the DP graphic though. Clean, good colors, great image.

"...which of the above two domains do you feel has the greatest potential of drawing in new readers and contributors?"

Paradoxology in my opinion. It has a certain unknown quality about it, open to some definition of your own, yet expressive on its own.

Para: A prefix signifying alongside of, beside, beyond, against, amiss; as parable, literally, a placing beside.

Doxology: A formulaic ascription of praise to God. An expression of praise to God.

My favorite is Paradoxology. I love the idea of paradoxes - so the name appeals to me, but it is a little esoteric.
As far as new readers, I'm assuming we're talking about folks looking to joint the conversation so to speak or just find out what it is about, Desert Pastor would mean more. Just my guess. Either way - just so long as we can find you.

Desert Pastor gets my vote. It is intriquing yet comforting at the same time.

Paradoxology is far more clever and memorable. Stick with it.

I like both names!!!

I read your blog name totally different than blind beggar - paradox/ology is how I read it - the study of, or discourse about, paradox. Paradoxology is a wonderful name for your blog, because you have created such a great space for discourse around ideas and issues.

But I still love DesertPastor - because to me, it describes you and your heart. You are a pastor - it comes through in your writing, and that call is evident when meeting you in person, as well.

So I think of YOU as DesertPastor, and of your BLOG as Paradoxology. They're both important. I don't think there's any problem with both of the names pointing here, 'cause as others have said - as long as we can find you!

As far as drawing new readers, I'd probably guess that Paradoxology would attract more people - it's a very thought-provoking and intriguing term...

I first stopped by because of the Paradoxology moniker. And it seems to fit the sort of questions you ask in your posts.

That said, I'll keep coming no matter what.

I vote for Paradoxology

desert pastor

I guess another factor is how many "huh?" responses you get.

Do you get many confused responses by the name Paradoxology? And if so is that a good thing or a bad thing?

If your like me that could be a bad thing. (That is the Myers Briggs NT response where having to explain a concept over and over gets irritating).

There however is a good thing aspect. Namely if your really into promoting Pomo Church paradigm stuff. Where a "huh?" response gives you permission to explain or talk about pomo things with people you meet.

Of course if you were a Barna-ist you would do some try complex ratings analysis.. (Comparing online contacts from long distance to local people who read your web site to keep up with church life).

I suppose in some ways keeping the status quo is the best thing. You have lots of people who like Paradoxology. But like you as desert pastor. Plus there is the idea of ministry that is national/international.

So how is this...

You keep the same url. You use the large desert pastor graphic that you show displayed. But in another frame you say "Home of Paradoxology!" and you show the old Paradoxology picture in another frame below it or nearby. So you basically identify the pastor alongside the pomo ministry (which is at least part of the reason why you chose Paradoxology, because of the "Paradox" ministry that you have going).

That's about the best compromise I can think of.

lol ok a better suggestion of the previous one. is to split the graphic.

The leftside is a desert pastor cross with desert pastor on it. While the right is a "paradoxology" cathedral. I imagine with some monking around in photoshop you can get it to work.

Or maybe even better..

have The full sized elongated DP graphic above with the full size Paradoxology below it.

If that is possible. Will Type pad allow for that or are you stuck with that narrow bar graphic title thing?

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