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January 15, 2006


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Again, I'm trying to differentiate between 'modern criticism', which I do not propose as a conventional tool of exegesis, and 'modernist exegesis', which is really just the reactionary side to modern criticism.

My way is not based in 'reason' at all. It's based on the allegorical methods used in the early church Fathers. I simply cited that Modern Criticism has forced us to reevaluate our premises in order to better understand our own position.


you said, "how do you reconcile your harshness toward leaders when I've always considered you one?"

surely i am old enough to be grumpy without reason...

i am a poor leader if one at all - no delf deprecation, just a recognition that integrity has not been my strong suit.

i believe, honestly, that is also not the hallmark of many that claim to be leaders - and that is most harmful to the church as a body and christians as individuals.

and i belive we choose our leaders without thought of their spiritual maturity or their ability to lead anywhere other than worldly success.

harrumph, indeed!


i often would rather whine than respond to your questions in response to posts, but

you said, "When leaders begin dying to their own agendas and begin laying it all down for the sake of the sheep, maybe the folks will finally see something worth following, yes?"

YES!!! people who are truly searching will follow the humble pilgrim who knows that he is a prodigal in search of home. even those who are called ot be our shepherds do not own the sheep.

"There is no one righteous, not even one"

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