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February 11, 2006


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God calls us to inaction? To just sit and absorb his holiness like some kind of spiritual tanning? How we live our lives, and what we do with what we learn from Him, then is irrelevant, or even counter intuitive? We stop preaching, teaching, serving, doing, so that was can absorb him.

I think that this would result merely in a temporary gloss, and I would hate my spiritual tan lines to end up showing.

This invitation is no good unless we, by an act of our will, choose to respond to it...
and to this I say a Great AMEN!
I would have been in disagreement with the "God calls us to inaction" bit...ever heard of "Soaking"? It's getting a lot of flack by some "antis". But all of us old timers should know by now, that we don't stay on the mountian top, or in the tanning booth (cute metaphor there). Can't be a true Christian without #4 on your list.

But 4 seems to contradict the inaction. I am not trying to seem dense here, but there seems to be a flaw.

4. It results in being sent out to proclaim his message!

We are NOT to separate ourselves from the culture and world as if we are somehow better than they are.

hmm. Doesn't "Sanctify" mean Set Apart? Are we not called to come out from among them? To be in the World but not of the World?


For me, it makes perfect sense to move from three to four. Spending time with Jesus both individually and corporately. Simply being in his presence. For most people, undivided attention usually only happens "apart" from the distractions of the world.

As I am transformed by the presence and power of Jesus, I begin to see my life and the world through his lenses. Or as the bible puts, I receive a God's heart. Then I have the passion to serve others as Jesus serves them. This passion is God's consuming fire. It consumes me and I become compassionate or in the literal Greek root word--"my bowels are stirred!" When my bowels are stirred, nothing gets in my way of getting to the bathroom.

Our tradition struggles with the idea that holiness is a set of rules and regulations (usually determined by culture and not the bible) that tells me and others that I am "in." So we sit and never have "our bowels stirred" to do anything but what is comfortable. There are too many people who are spiritually constipated and probably could benefit from a holy enema (cleansing).

By the way, if you are bold enough, this stuff preaches!

Barna's stuff expands on the need to be holy quite well.

In Christ,

Equating separate with isolated has been the rub concerning the idea of holiness. The culture described in Torah is “separate” from the other cultures that surrounded it. However Torah culture - Israel was not a conclave. There was commerce but with true weights on their scales. There was slavery but instituted to relieve the poor of oppression and exploitation releasing the slave back free of debt to there house and land. These are examples of life separate - holy, yet in the mix of this world’s life. These examples and the flow of Torah culture prospers Yahweh’s people without greed or exploitation. This contrasts the system permeating the world where exploitation greed and self gain on all levels motivates everything including charity - remember your tax deductible gifts we are a 503 C…

We are called out from this called to be Holy.
Pastor Art

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