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February 13, 2006


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Good stuff on holiness. Hearing this stuff is really encouraging. I've experience the "get on board" scenario and wonder why don't they get it? And how can I help them get it?
thanks for sharing it, Chris. I wish I had had the opportunity to go.
In Christ,


interesting stuff. but, i wonder if holiness is something that can be measured or surveyed in a spiritually meaningful way?

don't know the answer, but ...

still it's nice that someone is at least talking about holiness!


No wonder we don't know what holiness is, most of us have even misunderstood the message that Jesus came to bring about the kingdom. That is pretty basic and we missed it.

On the first of the top ten reasons, he said top answer: 21% don't know what it means. I would say probably more than that. Can you blame people though? Everything rises and falls on us as leaders.

I don't agree with everything he says, but great conversation.

Kevin I attended the meeting on Feb. 8th on Holiness in the 21st Century. awesome! I and my congregation will continue to pray for God's agenda to become that of every breathing christian. you mentioned that a CD of the message might be available. could you let me know. thank you Pastor Don Hopkins. Chino Hills Christian Fellowship (A Foursquare Gospel Church)

The question comes up in my mind as first reaction so does the printed % have reality in the people around me to those I teach …

Holiness - without it we can not please Yahweh. So are there options within the confines of Christian truth where holiness does not matter. Look at the ten aspects the contrasts held by people and the groups made up of these people up against #5 which I think becomes key here. The world view dictates actions. Actions reveal world view as can be seen by this list. As leaders and I guess most of us reading are (might be wrong) what does this say to us? What directions - steps do we need to take next in the responceitabilities - charges we have from Yahweh? Symptoms are easy to rally around the end is a blight. Root causes now that - a different story. Jeremiah was told he had to tear down before he could build. With this picture we are in the same place. #5 needs to stand like a chimney in the rubble of the charred aftermath of a fire or the shaking of the earth. We have got to find the courage to say this will take a long time and look fruitless in the process but the world view of the western church has got to change. Christ is not a quick fix duct tape god. He kills to resurrect, exiles to solidified community, enslaves to define freedom, commands fallowness to teach faith and dependence to produce a future.

What has Barna exposed? I think it was F. Schaeffer who said how shall we then live?
Pastor Art

"We have got to find the courage to say this will take a long time and look fruitless in the process but the world view of the western church has got to change."

Agreeing with you here, Art.

<>"Christ is not a quick fix duct tape god."

Quite often, Christ does fix people quick (i.e. instantly). But as far as the "duct-tape" metaphor goes -- that's not what the Lord does, that's what "we" are commonly guilty of.

I am an Evangelist in a Local Church in Quetta Pakistan. During my advanced Leadership Training in Haggai Institute I have leant about you and your ministry in Youth. since then I have become your fan and struggling to get some spl tips from you regardingf youth.

loving your blog, keep it up, as always!

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