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March 13, 2006


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Dang...only if I was methodist....will be praying for you Chris.

Thanks, Mykel. I really appreciate it.

...and please spread the word as you think of it!


I dont know what the people in your congregation are like, but... Traditionally, some of the ladies in the congregation will take on the job of the christian formation which is usually sunday school and field trips, and then you can double down on the other part.

If you were able to mobilize some of the 20-30 y/o's then you could break the other part into digestable pieces. Then you would just need a coordinator.

Unfortunatley, people think that the churches job is to teach ther children when, in scripture, it is the responsibility of parents to discuss the word of God with their own children - "In the field and in the home. Coming and going" and "Line upon line, precept upon precept. here a little and there a little. Drawn from the breast".

I would like to see a church hire a pastor to teach parents how to be Godly parents and to teach them to teach their own children. Then the friends of the children that usually get brought along to church could join their friends in their native environments, In their own homes, and learn from the Christian Adults who are doing this because they are Godly parents, and not employees.

Dang... only if I was free...Praying also! This decision will impact many lives.
In Christ,

Thanks for the prayers, Mark. We're excited about what God is doing here.

i like your logo.

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