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June 20, 2006


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Almost all door to door evangelists haven't got a clue about how to be saved.They have a gracealone or a faithalone false gospel that can't save anyone. They believe they have the Holy Spirit, but have never been baptized into Christ for the remission of their sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
In other words, they are zealous, but lost and ignorant. It is by God's providential intervention that they make so few "converts". For their converts are hellbound!

"Seraphim, I guess I don't see door-to-door evangelism as "walking the walk". Feeding the poor, clothing the homeless, reaching out to widows, getting involved in the lives of the marginalized -- these are the "real" doors that we should be knocking on, and thereby earning the opportunities to share the good news about Jesus with people, and inviting them to join us in the journey of discipleship."

Chris, I think you miss the point. God accepts us by what we believe and not by what we do. God has instituted the preaching of his word as the only method of bringing salvation to his people. The problem is that you do not trust the power of God's word, you don't believe that the gospel has any power to not only save people from the penalty of sin (death), but also from the power of sin (it produces good works in believers, i.e. the fruit of the spirit of those that believe the gospel).

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