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July 01, 2006


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Noah's Ark Found ... Again?
What I'd like to know is who funds these biblical "wild goose chases". Looking for evidence of the Exodus is one thing, results thereof have resulted in better understanding of what really happend. But Noah ark? Do people really think that is historical? They might just as well try to locate the garden of Eden or the tower of Babel, but that's not happening, is it?

"What I'd like to know is who funds these biblical "wild goose chases"."

Carlos, I'm not sure ALL such explorations are wild goose chases, but you do raise an interesting question as to where the financing comes from, and I'm also wondering: how many $$ are spent annually on all such projects around the world.

RE: "Baptists bash been and blogs"

"Do you think if we spent less time blogging we might have more time to do some baptizing," asked Welch.

...or, as Sister Alanis would say, "Isn't it ironic?" =)

Chris - You may have to hang onto your hat for this one, but I actually agree with you. :)

Too many people take some of these things too far. Without the words, the song is nothing but beautiful music. The fact that you happen to know the words that were applied to that music, or the title of it, doesn't mean that any great burden is being pressed on you. To say that someone could be offended because they might know the words or thought process behind an instrumental piece is absurd. The fact that some would claim such offense even more so.

Wanderer, you put that very well. And I'm thrilled that you agree with me on this one!

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