Ancient Wisdom from the Desert
Ancient Wisdom from the Desert

Skypecast: The Future of the Church

Skypecast_defaults_r16_c51Join me for my first ever "SkypeCast" this coming Wednesday evening, July 12th, at 8:00pm (Pacific Daylight Time).  The topic:

"The Future of the Church"

So what in the world is a "Skypecast"?  Well, Skype is an amazing voice, chat, and video platform -- WAY better than MSN, Yahoo, or other popular "messenger" programs.  Believe me, you'll want to have Skype on your computer, regardless of whether or not you choose to participate in my or anyone else's skypecasts.  The ability to use it like a telephone (at a fraction of the cost, or in many instances, for free) alone makes it worth downloading and using.  But what initially got me hooked on Skype was it's superior videoconferencing capabilities (kudos to Malcomb Hawker  of TheOoze fame for introducing me to Skype).

Skype_1 Here's a brief description of my upcoming Skypecast:

With two thousand years of history behind us, the Church that Jesus' followers began has now entered its third millennium. What lies ahead for the Church? How can we be certain it will survive the next two thousand years? What have we learned from the past, and what changes are necessary for the Church's future?

Here's how you can participate in this amazing, live, group discussion with people from around the world:

  • And then join me on the evening of July 12th for the Skypecast!


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sorry dad I won't be in town that day (no computer) but I'll try to hit it up next time!

Hey Chris,

Looks like you've been having quite a bit of fun while I've been, do I have a lot of catching up! Just when I think I have the hang of this blogging thing, something new comes along. Skyping....what's next? (can't wait ;) )

not to be a stick in the mudd... but I hope this is NOT the wave of the future for the Church. I'd like to see the Church return to face to face and shoulder to shoulder.

i 'entered' the 'arena' if you will, a couple of years ago at the Ooze -- hoping that cyber relationships would morph from VL to RL.

That being said, I've only met a few Oozers. and developed relationships long distance with a few more. I think the medium can effect and even limit -- the message.



Ok Sera-stick-aphim! j/k

Look, it's just like enjoying a conference call -- only cheaper.

And who knows... maybe these skypecasts will someday morph into a F2F Paradoxology Summit! :D

btw -- some people like Addai and Chris(tine) have actually visited good 'ol DP out in the beautiful Mojave!


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