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July 08, 2006


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sorry dad I won't be in town that day (no computer) but I'll try to hit it up next time!

Hey Chris,

Looks like you've been having quite a bit of fun while I've been, do I have a lot of catching up! Just when I think I have the hang of this blogging thing, something new comes along. Skyping....what's next? (can't wait ;) )

not to be a stick in the mudd... but I hope this is NOT the wave of the future for the Church. I'd like to see the Church return to face to face and shoulder to shoulder.

i 'entered' the 'arena' if you will, a couple of years ago at the Ooze -- hoping that cyber relationships would morph from VL to RL.

That being said, I've only met a few Oozers. and developed relationships long distance with a few more. I think the medium can effect and even limit -- the message.



Ok Sera-stick-aphim! j/k

Look, it's just like enjoying a conference call -- only cheaper.

And who knows... maybe these skypecasts will someday morph into a F2F Paradoxology Summit! :D

btw -- some people like Addai and Chris(tine) have actually visited good 'ol DP out in the beautiful Mojave!


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