AEF Conference: Lauren F. Winner
AEF Conference: Panel Discussion #6 (final)

AEF Conference: Panel Discussion #5


This fifth and final panel consisted of (L-R): Howard Snyder, Lauren Winner, Claude F. Mariotti, May May Latt, Hans Boersma.

Discussion was lively and thoughtful, much of which centered on ideas of supercessionism (i.e. embracing the heresy of Marcion that dismisses the enduring value of the Old Testament in our theology and practice) that were introduced by Lauren. "What continuity, therefore, should exist between biblical Judaism and Christianity?" To what degree, therefore, should an Ancient Evangelical Future embrace ancient Judaism? According to Lauren, some scholars have even recently asserted that the distinction between Judaism and Christianity were not fully in place until as late as the 4th century.

You might detect a bit of angst in Lauren's comments as she proposes a more intentionally Jewish reading of Old Testament texts, despite our Christology (pay particular attention to the rationale she gives):




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