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December 10, 2006


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Chris, it was a pleasure to meet you Friday night. Thanks for your work getting this information out to those who couldn't be there and for those of us who were there and need more time to process.

grace and peace



You're more than welcome. I enjoyed meeting you as well! Perhaps our paths will cross again at next year's AEF Conference.



Hello Chris,

thank you for these weblogs which I have listened to,

Living in Northern Ireland it is a completely different cultural context to America (the large Protestant evangelical constuency here would is very reformed and traditional) - they would be very hostile to many of the themes from this conference. Yet recently for the first time a course on spiritual disciplines was taught at our local Presbyterian theological college - maybe a slight change.

The future of evangelicism will have to deal with different cultural contexts -it would be interesting to bring the ancient/future themes into conversation with evangelicals from the UK, Europe etc

all the best,


Hello Chris,

Greetings from Malaysia. Thank you for your hard work in blogging and uploading all these materials from the AEF conference unto your blog. Enjoyed them.


it will also be interesting to bring the ancient/future themes into conversation in Asia.

you mentioned in an earlier post about this that they would be doing a DVD of the conference. I'd be interested in getting a copy but live in the UK. Can you let us know detail of to get hold of the DVD when you find out for youreslf.

Thanks in advance.

Hey I go to Regent and was interested in what Hans Boersma might have added to the discussion.

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