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AEF Conference: Panel Discussion #1

AEF Conference: Brian McLaren

Mclaren2 Brian McLaren had the honor of being the first featured speaker at the inaugural AEF Conference.  His topic: Does the Emergent Church have an Ancient Evangelical Future? -- The Call and the Witnessing MIssion of the Emerging Church

Here's a basic outline of what Brian covered this evening (and a video clip of his closing remarks):

Does the Emerging Church Have an Ancient Future?

1.  The problem of defining the emerging church -- and speakin for it.
2.  The modernity Paradigm

  • Modernity
  • Postmodernity
  • Premodernity

3.  Three dangers

  • captivity & domestication
  • reactivity & rebellion
  • exclusion and marginalization

4.  An opportunity

  • Renewal (ecclesiolae en ecclesia)
  • Emergence and convergence
  • Disciple-making among emerging cultures
  • Young leaders

5.  Specific engagements

  • The North American Context
  • Gospel as story, Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Christianity after Christendom
  • Deep Ecclesiology and Generous Orthodoxy
  • A Bigger Library (i.e. looking to the early Church Fathers)
  • A Living Tradition -- Protestants, Evangelicals, and Pentecostals
  • The Question of a Global (not exclusively Greco-Roman) Theology
  • Liturgical Renewal and Innovation
  • The New (Social) Trinitarianism
  • Holistic and Prophetic gospel
  • Conversation

Here's a brief video clip of Brian's closing remarks: 



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