AEF Conference: Brian McLaren
AEF Conference: Day 2

AEF Conference: Panel Discussion #1


If tonight's any indication, the "panel discussions" which follow each guest speaker will undoutedly prove to be one of the greatest highlights of the AEF Conference. Although Boersma was sometimes difficult to follow (a bit disjointed?), the dialog was generally terrific between members of tonight's panel (L-R): Howard Snyder, Brian McLaren, David Fitch, and Hans Boersma.

Here's a clip from Snyder (sharing his definition of "early church"):


Here's a clip from McLaren (on why creation should be valued eschatologically):



The entire conference will be available on DVD as well as on CD -- something I'm already seriously considering.  Why?  Often, it seemed a bit too much, too fast (yep - the price you pay for blogging "live").  I'd really like to review it all again and digest it more slowly.

Well, it's getting late.  More tomorrow.



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cool, thanks for the updates. I would really love to be there basking in the stuff that comes from such speakers. You are a fortunate man...

Please elt us know how/when we can get the cd/mp3s of the event.

peace and have fun!

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