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February 05, 2007


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My condolences on your loss.

Chris - I am so sorry.

I will be remembering you and your family in prayer, on Wednesday and throughout this time.


the church and Christ mourns with you in your loss. I will pray for you. I lost my mother in 2000 to cancer and it was difficult. Mom's are special. grace and peace in this time.



Eternal Memory. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I did the officiating at the graveside of my Dad when he passed (he was 70 as well).

Love ya bro.


Dear Chris, I can't even imagine your loss! My deepest condolences to you. Not for now, but months down the line, I find the book Life After Loss to be a great resource. I've summarized the book here. Again, this is for months down the road, but so many people I know have found the book and the summary helpful that I thought I would include it. Now... May God give you strength and grace during this difficult hour!

May her memory be eternal. And may the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth be with you and your family.

I'm so sorry. Prayers of support and consolation go out to you. It is a privilege to join in prayer as you grieve.

Chris, our prayers are with you and your family. Shalom...Ron+

In this most difficult time, may the God of all grace grant you the peace that passes all understanding. Blessings.

My condolences to you. I will be praying for you, your sisters, and the grandkids.
In Christ,

Our condolences, too, Chris. What a lovely photo, and I'm sure there are countless memories it evokes.


My condolences to you and your family. I pray that the sweetness of her memory will be with you and loved ones throughout the years.

Fr Matt M.

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