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July 08, 2007


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I have been blogging infrequently for similar reasons - business. Our church is small, but it's a one man show, I am running a large construction project to pay the bills (bi-vocational again) and I am in the process of starting a residential treatment program for young adults with co-occurring disorders (drugs and emotional/behavioral disabilities). Add family to that and it kinda leaves one less time for the sort of reflection needed for blogging. I look forward to seeing your forthcoming entries and glad your church is growing in wonderful ways. Blessings.

i think people feel they have to say something profound or prophetic that will "bring the readers." i think that is a wrong way to go about it. i have felt pretty inadequate in what i have posted about in the last year. though, as with prayer or golf, just going about it in even the simplest form is helpful for being ready for that epiphany.

Fr. Matt --
Thanks for sharing, my friend. It helps knowing that there are others with similar/same reasons for posting infrequently.
You and your congregation are in my prayers by the way. Blessings,

you raise a good thought in the importance of just "being" (whether it's in blogging or anything else for that matter). The "profound" factor comment is helpful as well. I'm not sure if I feel all that profound when I do post, but I certainly have felt a little pressure to put something out there that's interesting, thought-provoking, and conversation-generating. :D

Peace to you,


I went on a trip for two weeks and so was out of the habit of blogging, so it took me a couple more weeks after that to get up the energy

I'm glad you're back!

audrey -- it takes energy to blog??? lol!

CTG -- thanks!

Glad you are well Chris. I'd missed reading your stuff.




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