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October 03, 2007


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We come before You and bow our hearts at Your throne and ask Dear Lord that you would be with this family during this crisis. That You would give them strength when they feel weak and that you would guide and direct the decisions made on behalf of the family. God we also know that you are a God of miracles and we are asking for that right now in Jesus Name that your healing power would manifest in both their lives. In Jesus Name, Amen!

I will offer Eucharist with the intention of your family.

++ Lord, hear our prayers. ++

thank you so much!

God of all Creation hear us as we cry to you. Hold Chris and His family close. Be wisdom in the physicians, but supernatural healing in the prayers of the people. Touch them and save them.

The Father our Hope the Son our Refuge the Holy Spirit our Protection. All Holy Trinity Glory to you. Holy God Holy Mighty Holy Immortal one, have mercy.




Father illness and uncertainty are difficult in single events Father I ask that in this situation of double events that You would provide a depth of shalom beyond understanding as Jesus promised. Provide wisdom for the doctors that they may heal as their gifting through Your Spirit. For those traveling safety and for Chris who will be seen as Your representative sensitivity and understanding. Also for Chris as a husband give him extra time to be that to his wife in her fear and emotional reaction concerning her parents.
In Jesus’ name amen
Pastor Art

Chris - an update?



UPDATE on my father-in-law...

He's still contending with failed kidneys, congestive heart failure, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and other issues.

Legal matters surrounding his will and the measures he wants/does not want allowed, is making the situation rather hellish for his kids right now. Your prayers continue to mean the world to us.


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