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April 09, 2008


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I am not a 'new prophet' but rather someone who has changed his outlook on a denomination based structure we call church. I have found my path and journey lead onto the contemplative way of faith. This is more about daily living with faith and the Lord and living out in action His Love. That is the focus. I came to faith in 1989 in London at Billy Graham's evangelical tour that year. It was a real black and white conversion from real sin to pure grace. Today I live close to the Lord as much as I can and seek share His Love with others in a real and everyday way. Finding God in the mundane things of life is a beautiful thing and there, ordinary people can relate to His Love even if they have never known Him. Blessings on your work for the Lord and much peace to you and your family.

Interesting quote from Shane. One of our passions as a family is to live in a way that treads lighly on the earth. You know, the idea in Boy Scouts of leaving the campsite cleaner than you found it. This involves, of course, personal choices and participation in bringing changes in our energy policies in the U.S. and other legislation. Some of our steps can be found on our website under "choices" in the menu.

I would like to see the common modern view of dominion over nature replaced with a more fulfilling relationship with the created world. The movement away from dominion, past simple stewardship, and toward a sense of kinship-what the biologist E.O. Wilson calls "biophilia"-is a source of creativity and compassion, wonder and hope. If this century is to be known for peace, prosperity, beauty, and the restoration of our world, kinship with creation must become one of the foundations of our cultural life. And faith communities, with their innate ability to spread good news of hope, are uniquely positioned to lead such a renaissance.

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