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December 11, 2008


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Good to have you back:-) Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, and may God give you many more. Congratulations also on you acceptance into the IWS doctoral program.

BTW, I just finished reading Ancient-Future Worship. It was an enjoyable and challenging read, and now I am trying to process and understand it better. The emphasis on God's narrative (creation, incarnation, re-creation) was good, and the challenge to use God's Word to uphold that narrative was a needed reminder as well. It seems that, at least in the Evangelical world, we have tended to see God's Word our quick-fix manual (therapeutic preaching) rather than a revelation of himself to us.

Anyway, there is much that is still a bit abstract to me and I am trying to understand just how to apply it. Any thoughts you might have would be helpful.

Grace and Peace.

And when it comes to blogging... well, a few years ago, when I was finishing my M.Div., it was my most prolific blogging season ever.

we can only hope....

Florida huh? couldn't find anything in Virginia?



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